Reframing The Economy Reframing ourselves

The first in a series of monthly discussion groups took place in the Pandora Pub, Govanhill

The discussion group started with a conversation on the work of feminist political economists JK Gibson-Graham and their concept of redrawing our economy as an iceberg.

Above water level sits the monetary economy (the one the media talk about) profit making business, paid work…. the “capitalist economy” Below the waterlevel are the people, places and activites that contribute to our wellbeing, also a fundamental part of our economy; the stuff that keeps us afloat, the strength of our communities, and often the bulk of activity.

Not only does this allow us to expand our notion of currency: what can we exchange, what do we value? It also allows us to tell a story that runs counter to the usual narrative. In an area often described as “deprived” it lets us talk about Govanhill as a place with a strong economy, considering the diversity and richness of the local community as a form of wealth (and as we know, diversity creates resilience!)

The discussion group aims to take this conversation out into unexpected locations and invite the wider community to take part in redrawing our economy.

The next discussion group will take place at Tina’s Fish and Chip shop. For monthly updates follow @govanhillbank



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