The Crypto-Knitting-Circles booklet is now available as a free download


Crypto-Knitting-Circles has been a year-long project by visual artist Ailie Rutherford and designer Bettina Nissen exploring potential applications of new and emerging technologies within feminist and community currency. Inspired by a shared interest in feminist economics and the potential for emerging tech to disrupt established power structures, the work centred around feminist community exchange space Swap Market in Govanhill

The booklet features new proposals, writing by Camara Taylor, Jess Ramm and Libby Odai and photography by Bob Moyler


Beyond The Blokechain

Talks and dicsussions from this years MoneyLab in Amsterdam online now!


Imagine a self-sustaining currency. What would its payment system look like? What values define its sustainability? What kinds of ways of relating to people, things and the environment does it promote?

And now, imagine a cooperative, feminist and commons-oriented Distributed Cooperative Organization. What does an organization which prioritizes mutual support, cooperativism and care work among people and the environment do? What does another day in such a DisCO look like? How could our modes of expression within such communities dismantle phallocentric systems? And what about putting feminist economics to practice by starting a people’s bank that works to encode feminist values into its currency network. With speakers: Andy Morales Coto, Ruth Catlow, Denise Thwaites, Ailie Rutherford and Rachel Falconer.

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Build your own dynamic data visualisation

Would you like to build your own dynamic data visualisation? Can we represent data using feathers or balloons?
This technology demo will show a new system of dynamic visualisation blocks that you can experiment with to make your own data visualisation on a movable wall. You can explore interesting physical ways of representing data and a range of materials. Using dynamic modules this is a first prototype of a physical data visualisation system from researchers in Design Informatics at Edinburgh College of Art. By testing data and different materials to attach to moving parts or lighting blocks, you will be able to build your own tangible data visualisations. Using modular motor and light blocks you can play and experiment with data to make your own dynamic data displays. We will be using a range of different materials, mechanisms and tools to translate data into fun and playful data displays Bettina Nissen and Libby Odai will be happy to answer any technical questions and show how the technology works behind the scenes.
data vis wall
This event is part of the Crypto-Knitting-Circles project by Ailie Rutherford, Bettina Nissen and Libby Odai looking at the potential to create a feminist community cryptocurrency and exploring possible uses of technology in community exchange.

Intersectional economy?

On 12th June we held Chain Re: Action knowledge exchange day at Platform in Easterhouse, bringing together artists, community activists and academics to look at the potentials and pitfalls of new technologies in relation to feminist economics.

1 dismantling-capitalism

2 padmini-game

3 equity

Photography by Najma Abukar

Filmed and edited by Bob Moyler

Featuring: Padmini Ray-Murray, El Cambalache, Vishwanath Pasumarthi,  Ailie Rutherford, Usma Ashraf, Sibell Barrowclough, Rahela Cirpaci, Lisa Hough Stewart, Dania Thomas, Libby Odai & Chrissie Ardill, Jonathan Rankin & Chris Elsden, Bettina Nissen, Bob Hamilton, Ella Tallyn, Foxy and Triona Ryan

A longer 40 minute film of the event can be veiwed here