Swaps And Shares

Read about our plans to open a Swap Market in Govanhill


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Mapping A Women’s Economy

This week eighteen women came together at Govanhill Baths to map out a women’s economy

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Our focus was on charting activity “below the water level” – all the unseen, unpaid labour, sharing, caring and love hours that go in to make our communities vibrant and sustainable.

In talking about the specific roles women play in this economy we discussed:

women in the arts,

domestic labour,

the caring for families that is essential in building our society,

sharing of knowledge and advice (in person and online),

community gardening,


communal cooking and food sharing,

use of domestic space as work space,

how we can actively care for and help women in other parts of the world,

emotional labour in the home,

emotional labour in the workplace


Photography by Angela Catlin

Timebank Tumbola

We took the Timebank Tumbola along to Alison Street last week


Pledges are made for community actions, favours and gifts then exchanged at random by spinning the tumbola.







New pledges include: rhubarb crumble made with locally grown rhubarb, Romanian lessons, guitar lessons, a cup of tea and a chat

With every exchange new connections are formed

The Economy As An Iceberg takes to the streets


Continuing to use the iceberg metaphor as a means of discussing and recording Govanhill’s diverse economy we took to Alison Street yesterday afternoon


below the water level activity includes:

volunteering in community shop, looking after my elderly neighbour, sharing meals, music sharing, looking after each others’ children, pet sharing and the support-in-kind economy of the arts

The Economy As An Iceberg at Yadgar Kebab House

Continuing the monthly discussion groups, this time we met at Yadgar Kebab House.


Based on JK Gibson-Graham‘s metaphor of the economy as an iceberg, the group aims to take this conversation onto the streets to invite the wider community to take part in redrawing our local economy and expand our notion of currency.

For monthly updates and next month’s venue follow @govanhillbank

For What It’s Worth

“A new project celebrates the people whose daily endeavours are ascribed little economic value but remain a vital part of life in the most diverse part of Glasgow”

A review of our women’s event in Govanhill last month. Read the full article here

The event brought together women from different backgrounds to share lunch and map their own experiences of community economy.

A short film by Hazel Sheffield