Drawing our Post-Capitalist Futures

Drawings from todays collective drawing session with Raman Mundair and Ailie Rutherford


Participants were invited to make their own collective visioning headsets then guided in their drawing by a meditation on possible new futures by Raman Mundair

Listen again to Raman’s reading here

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Imagining Post-Capitalist Futures

This moment of global crisis and the Covid pandemic is likely to transform capitalism as we know it. While this is a difficult time for all of us, can times of crisis also open up space for new possibilities to emerge? It is in these times that large collective shifts in consciousness are possible and major shifts in political and economic structures can happen. We are already seeing lower pollution levels, reduced consumption and new mutual care networks. What else do we imagine happening that didn’t seem possible before?

Join artists Raman Mundair and Ailie Rutherford for online collective drawing Monday 13th April


To take part, you will need your own collective-visioning headset. Follow our simple guide on how to make one from things you have at home:

make your own headset – instructions

Raman Mundair will then be leading us in our drawing with a meditation on possible new futures. All ages welcome!

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This is no time to lose our nerve. The future will be determined by whoever is willing to fight harder for the ideas they have lying around – Naomi Klein makes the case for transformative change amid the global pandemic in “Coronavirus Capitalism and how to Beat It”

Declare Independence!


An afternoon of talks and discussion on the idea of independence.
With talks from Gehan Macleod, AB Silvera, Raman Mundair, Layla-Roxanne Hill and Elaine Gallagher.

This year sees the 700th anniversary of the Declaration of Arbroath and renewed conversations about Scottish independence. Together we ask what independence feels like and how a collectively formed contemporary Declaration of Independence might shape up.

More info and book online here


The Crypto-Knitting-Circles booklet is now available as a free download


Crypto-Knitting-Circles has been a year-long project by visual artist Ailie Rutherford and designer Bettina Nissen exploring potential applications of new and emerging technologies within feminist and community currency. Inspired by a shared interest in feminist economics and the potential for emerging tech to disrupt established power structures, the work centred around feminist community exchange space Swap Market in Govanhill

The booklet features new proposals, writing by Camara Taylor, Jess Ramm and Libby Odai and photography by Bob Moyler


Beyond The Blokechain

Talks and dicsussions from this years MoneyLab in Amsterdam online now!


Imagine a self-sustaining currency. What would its payment system look like? What values define its sustainability? What kinds of ways of relating to people, things and the environment does it promote?

And now, imagine a cooperative, feminist and commons-oriented Distributed Cooperative Organization. What does an organization which prioritizes mutual support, cooperativism and care work among people and the environment do? What does another day in such a DisCO look like? How could our modes of expression within such communities dismantle phallocentric systems? And what about putting feminist economics to practice by starting a people’s bank that works to encode feminist values into its currency network. With speakers: Andy Morales Coto, Ruth Catlow, Denise Thwaites, Ailie Rutherford and Rachel Falconer.

More info at: